What is Fixed Time Trade? How to make money effectively with it in Olymp Trade

What is Fixed Time Trade? How to make money effectively with it in Olymp Trade

Fixed Time Trade (FTT) is one of the first trading modes of Olymp Trade. This is also the most advanced trading mode that gives Olymp Trade much success in bringing the large financial market to small individuals. So what is Fixed Time Trade that makes traders love it so much? How to successfully trade FTT? I will introduce you detailedly in this article.

What is Fixed Time Trade?

Fixed Time Trade (FTT) is a trading mode for a fixed preset period. That means your order is opened and will be closed for a limited time according to the time you chose when opening the order. You will predict the price up or down (increase or decrease), and compare the price of the asset when you open the order and the time when it closes.

If your prediction is correct, then you will receive profit at the rate at the time you open the order. If it is wrong, you will lose the amount that you originally invested. The types of assets that can be ordered are the price movements of currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc.

What is Fixed Time Trade?
What is Fixed Time Trade?

What is FTT’s note when making a profit? That is you will make money (profit) when you correctly predict the price of an asset. This profit is based on the percentage of return, not how you profit from buying low and selling high. This opens you up to more opportunities and higher returns.

For example

Take a simple example like this. You choose the asset as the EUR/USD currency pair, the rate of return is currently 82%.

You enter the UP order at 20:00, put in $10 and the expiration time of the order is 1 minute. The price of EUR/USD at the time of opening the order is 0.99980. After the 1 minute expiration time, the order will automatically close according to your previous setting. If the closing price is higher than 0.99980 then your prediction is correct. You will get 82% more of your investment i.e. $10 + $8.2 = $18.2.

Fixed Time Trading in Olymp Trade
Fixed Time Trading in Olymp Trade

In the opposite case, at the time of closing the order, if the EUR/USD exchange rate is lower than 0.99980, your prediction is wrong. You will lose the $10 you used to place your order.

3 reasons Fixed Time Trade is preferred by many retail investors

There are many advantages that FTT offers to individual traders, making them immediately see what the opportunity and profit potential from FTT is.

Advantages of Fixed Time Trade
Advantages of Fixed Time Trade

First, it allows individuals to trade. Previously, the trading market was only available to the big guys, such as banks, organizations, corporations, etc. The market is under strict control by the agencies of the host country. After Olymp Trade’s establishment, they brought a large financial market to every individual via Fixed Time Trade.

Second, the rate of return carries more profit than the spread. In the past, people were used to taking profits by arbitrage like buying low and selling high to make a profit through the difference. Although the price fluctuates a lot, the price difference is not too big. If you calculate the profit by the price difference, there is not much.

However, with the FTT mode of Olymp Trade, even though the price difference is only 0.00001, if it is true to your prediction. then you will receive a profit of up to 80-90% of the set amount. This is a very high return rate, offering traders a more substantial profit than the usual spread.

The big advantage of FTT is fixed time, ie the right to choose that time belongs to you. You can choose a long or short time, depending on your prediction. While other investment trading modes can take up a long time like a whole week, month, or year, you can already take profits in a specific short time with FTT.

How to make money from Fixed Time Trade in Olymp Trade

Continuous learning – FTT is a game of probability that requires a lot of knowledge, not just your luck. You need to experiment a lot in a Demo account on the Olymp Trade platform to learn from experience. You will need to learn about indicators, candlestick patterns, and trading strategies.

Control your emotions – The nature of FTT investors is greed, sometimes leading to unpredictable results. You need to calm down and don’t let the excitement or anger control your mind. Always remember the rules at all costs.

How to make money from Fixed Time Trade
How to make money from Fixed Time Trade

For example, I set some rules when trading Fixed Time for myself on each day.

  • Only allowed to lose $50/day.
  • Only deposit up to $100/day.
  • Trade up to 10 times/day.
  • The maximum amount of each trade is $20 per order.
  • If I lose 3 times in a row, I will stop.

These rules will prevent you from losing all the money in your account because of greed and uncontrollable anger.


I’ve already explained what FTT is, its advantages, and ways to make money from this trading mode. In addition, you must also pay attention to your personality when choosing this form of investment. Depending on the personality of each person, one can be suitable for different types of trading and time frames.

Fixed Time Trade is suitable for those who love speed and have a quick judgment in a short time. Be a smart investor when choosing the investment channel that suits you best. Good luck on your trading journey!!!

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What is Fixed Time Trade? How to make money effectively with it in Olymp Trade
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