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Earn 50 pips a day with a super simple Crossover strategy

This is a very simple Scalping trading strategy based on the Crossover of 2 moving averages to enter orders.

4 Highly effective basic technical indicators for beginners in Olymp Trade

If you are new in Olymp Trade, it is very important to choose basic technical indicators to observe the market. After choosing the right...

The secret to trade better when using RSI indicator and 2...

Today, I will share with you the secret to trade better when combining the RSI indicator with 2 Moving Averages (SMA & EMA) in Olymp Trade.

How to use MA indicator to make profits like a professional...

MA is a moving average which is a technical analysis indicator most used by traders in financial markets. However, most investors haven't yet known how to exploit its full potential

How to trade with SMA20 line in Olymp Trade

This is a method of a very experienced trader in Olymp Trade. You can try playing with this method.

Effective strategy for 5 minutes trade in Olymp Trade

SMA is a moving average which is very effective in technical analysis. The combination of 2 SMAs can offer a lot of interesting information. This is one of the best strategies in Olymp Trade.

Using SMA indicator to earn 5% profit per day when trading...

This is an Olymp Trade trading strategy that is very effective, simple and easy to use. Using SMA indicator to earn 5% profit per day when trading in Olymp Trade