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Real Price Action trading in the last week of July 2022

According to the title, everyone understands that the focus of this article will be the real Price Action trading experience that we have learned in this blog.

Price Channel – How to make profits quickly with trend trading

Price Channel is a fundamental technical analysis tool widely used in Forex and Fixed Time Trade. With just a few simple strokes, you can trade and make profits with them.

5 golden rules that Price Action Traders need to keep in...

To develop your trading career, rules are the golden key. Here are suggestions for 5 rules to help you when trading with Price Action.

6 misconceptions about Price Action method in Olymp Trade (Chapter 16)

In trading, especially forex trading, there are always hidden pitfalls. They are not only from the market but also from the incorrect understanding of...

How to identify intraday trends using Price Action in Olymp Trade...

Trend identification is always considered a compass to the “treasure”. And one of the most effective strategies is trend trading with Price Action

Price Action trading style with Price Channel in Olymp Trade (Chapter...

The Price Channel is one of the important analytical factors trusted by many Price Action Traders. It is a widely used and popular basic tool.