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Technical indicators or Price Action? Which one is better in trading?

Let's analyze the differences, similarities, pros, and cons of technical indicators and Price Action schools who know which one is better.

Price Action series: How much money should you use for trading?...

This is lesson 2 in the Price Action series. We will talk about money, risk management, and capital in trading.

Price Action series and trading plan in Olymp Trade

Today, I start a new, long and in-depth series about Price Action. It includes knowledge, practice, and psychology lessons in trading.

Triple Candlestick Pattern – a simple way to trade but very...

In case you're looking for an easy way to trade at Olymp Trade effectively and simply, Triple candlestick pattern is very suitable for you

Winning Strategy in Olymp Trade: The combination of Pin Bar and...

There are so many articles on OlympTradeClub that claimed the importance of support and resistance. In this one, we will combine the pair with a special candle: Pin Bar and create a reversal strategy with high probability of success. It is a very efficient method on Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade strategy with Bollinger Bands and support/resistance

This is a strategy that utilize the trend reversal and candles’ color. After a lot of trials, this strategy proves that it has high probability of success.

Support and Resistance – Two best technical indicators that Olymp Trade...

Support and resistance are the two most reliable indicators when you play trading platforms on the financial market. This indicator pair is proven to have the highest correct probability at Olymp Trade

How to efficiently trade on Olymp Trade with Price Action Pin...

Beginning with Price action, from simple level with things you have already known. After that, you will improve your skills with your own style of trading which help you be more likely to win.