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What is Swing Trading? Should you use Swing Trading in Forex?

Swing trading is one of the most effective Forex trading methods, helping investors earn high profits and minimize risks even if they predict incorrectly....

What is Day Trading? Effective Day Trading strategies

Day trading is a short-term Forex trading method. Almost all orders are closed for the day and not held overnight.

What is Scalping? The most effective Scalping trading strategy in Olymp...

What is Scalping? Should I use this method? Which Scalping trading strategy is most effective? All are answered in this article.

Rounding Top pattern – Secure opportunities to explode profits

In this article, I introduce to you the Rounding Top pattern that brings great profits to traders every time it appears.

Earn 50 pips a day with a super simple Crossover strategy

This is a very simple Scalping trading strategy based on the Crossover of 2 moving averages to enter orders.

What is Hook Reversal pattern? Features and how to trade effectively...

Hook Reversal is a reversal pattern that can appear in both downtrends and uptrends. It is not only simple, and easy to identify, but also quite reliable.

Imbalance – Confirmation factor for the strength of the supply and...

Imbalance in forex is the area that often appears on the chart, which clearly show the imbalance in supply and demand when prices go up or down sharply

What is the Diamond pattern? Features and how to trade

What is the Diamond pattern? What are the features and how to trade with this pattern? Let's find out through this article.

NR7 pattern trading strategy to earn profits from momentum breakouts –...

NR7 trading strategy with 7 narrow range candles pattern will help you make big profits from the momentum breakouts of the market.

What is the Dead Cat Bounce pattern? How to trade effectively...

The Dead Cat Bounce pattern often leaves many traders trapped and losing money. However, it is also an opportunity to find potential profits.