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Technical indicators or Price Action? Which one is better in trading?

Let's analyze the differences, similarities, pros, and cons of technical indicators and Price Action schools who know which one is better.

Real Price Action trading in the last week of July 2022

According to the title, everyone understands that the focus of this article will be the real Price Action trading experience that we have learned in this blog.

Trend Bar Failure trading strategy – Part 22

In this article, you will learn more about a very unique trading strategy, which is the Trend Bar Failure, bringing a stable profit every month.

6 misconceptions about Price Action that beginners need to know –...

In this article, I will write about the misconceptions about Price Action trading that I have learned during my 7 years of trading.

Price Action Re-Entry strategy (2-time entry) – Part 20

With the Price Action Re-Entry strategy, we will solve the problem when the price touched the stop loss then bounced back to hit the take profit .

5 Rules that a Price Action trader must memorize – Part...

After going through many articles on how to use the indicator and how to find trends effectively, in this article we will focus on the skills of a Price Action trader.

How to identify the trend correctly to execute short-term trades with...

To continue the series, I share 2 more ways to determine the intraday trend with pure Price Action to make short trades during the day

Bar by bar Price Action analysis – Part 17

Bar by bar analysis is the hardest part of Price Action trading but in return it will help you to avoid risks and make lots of profits.

3 ways to use the Congestion Zone to trade Price Action...

Don't waste the congestion zone because it has quite a lot of profitable points if you know how to trade and make profits with them.

How to read the market with Price Action and Bollinger Bands...

How to use Price Action in combination with the Bollinger Bands indicator to read the market and trade consistently.