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Sunday – Trading strategy for lazy traders

Introducing to you the Sunday trading strategy. Even if you are lazy, you can still become a consistently profitable trader.

What is Swing Trading? Should you use Swing Trading in Forex?

Swing trading is one of the most effective Forex trading methods, helping investors earn high profits and minimize risks even if they predict incorrectly....

What is Day Trading? Effective Day Trading strategies

Day trading is a short-term Forex trading method. Almost all orders are closed for the day and not held overnight.

What is Scalping? The most effective Scalping trading strategy in Olymp...

What is Scalping? Should I use this method? Which Scalping trading strategy is most effective? All are answered in this article.

What is Fixed Time Trade? How to make money effectively with...

What is Fixed Time Trade that makes traders love it so much? How to successfully trade FTT? I will introduce you detailedly in this article.

Earn 50 pips a day with a super simple Crossover strategy

This is a very simple Scalping trading strategy based on the Crossover of 2 moving averages to enter orders.

Safe capital management with Scaling Out strategy when trading Forex

Scaling Out strategy simply understands that when you win and make a profit, you will take part of the profit and let the rest continue to do its job.

2 Things to note when trading with Pin Bar (Part 5)

To make profits safely, you need to note 2 things before trading with Pin Bar. When you encounter those cases, you will know what the right solution is.

How to determine if a Pin Bar signal is safe or...

If you do not know how to identify a safe signal from Pin Bar, this article will guide you to do it most easily. Don't miss it or you will regret it

Exit plan when trading with Pin Bar (Part 3)

A reasonable entry and exit plan in each Forex trading order with Pin Bar in Olymp Trade to improve profits and limit risks.