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2 Things to note when trading with Pin Bar (Part 5)

To make profits safely, you need to note 2 things before trading with Pin Bar. When you encounter those cases, you will know what the right solution is.

How to determine if a Pin Bar signal is safe or...

If you do not know how to identify a safe signal from Pin Bar, this article will guide you to do it most easily. Don't miss it or you will regret it

Exit plan when trading with Pin Bar (Part 3)

A reasonable entry and exit plan in each Forex trading order with Pin Bar in Olymp Trade to improve profits and limit risks.

Effective trading strategy with Pin Bar candlestick pattern (Part 2)

How to set up a trading strategy with Pin Bar to bring profit the most? Now, let's find the answer together in this article.

Why is Pin Bar candlestick pattern extremely useful in Forex trading?...

To help you better understand Pin Bar candlestick pattern, I will continue to share with you many interesting things about it

How to Make Money Online Earn $15 per day from Olymp...

In this article, I will show proofs that I’ve made money successfully from Olymp Trade every day. Then I will show you how to trade, win and successfully withdraw from Olymp Trade.

Olymp Trade trading strategy: Candlestick out Bollinger Bands

I am not only a reader but also an Olymp Trade trader. And this is how I earn money regularly on Olymp Trade platform...

Triple Candlestick Pattern – a simple way to trade but very...

In case you're looking for an easy way to trade at Olymp Trade effectively and simply, Triple candlestick pattern is very suitable for you

Winning Strategy in Olymp Trade: The combination of Pin Bar and...

There are so many articles on OlympTradeClub that claimed the importance of support and resistance. In this one, we will combine the pair with a special candle: Pin Bar and create a reversal strategy with high probability of success. It is a very efficient method on Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade strategy with Bollinger Bands and support/resistance

This is a strategy that utilize the trend reversal and candles’ color. After a lot of trials, this strategy proves that it has high probability of success.