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Safe capital management with Scaling Out strategy when trading Forex

Scaling Out strategy simply understands that when you win and make a profit, you will take part of the profit and let the rest continue to do its job.

T.L.S – The Olymp Trade safest trading strategy. Weekly profit summary.

I summarize the profit this week: 15% on the total $5000 account.

Stupid things that traders still do at Olymp Trade

We will synthesize the “stupid-things-but-still-doing” when trading at Olymp Trade.

With $3000 budget: You will become unbeatable at Olymp Trade (A...

With $3000 budget: You will become unbeatable at Olymp Trade. But I’m sorry to say that everything is not like in your dream.

Olymp Trade trading strategy: Candlestick out Bollinger Bands

I am not only a reader but also an Olymp Trade trader. And this is how I earn money regularly on Olymp Trade platform...

Capital management strategy in Olymp Trade? The importance of it in...

In this article, Olymp Trade Club will introduce some strategies of capital management in Olymp Trade. Then we will give some methods so that you can avoid being too emotional in trading.