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Corrective Combination wave pattern of Eliiott

Corrective Combination consists of 2 or 3 corrective wave patterns combined. These wave patterns are marked as WXY (Double Three) and...

Triangle corrective wave pattern of Elliott

After 2 articles on Zigzag and Flat, today we will learn the final form, the Triangle wave pattern. These are the 3 most popular corrective patterns in Elliott wave theory.

Flat corrective wave pattern of Elliott

In this article, we will learn about the Flat corrective wave pattern to know one more major form in the structure of the Elliott wave.

Zigzag corrective wave pattern of Elliott

In this article, I will talk about the Zigzag wave pattern. It is simply a pause, not the end of the main trend.

Basic knowledge about Elliott – Diagonal Wave pattern

What's so special about Diagonal Elliott wave pattern and how to recognize it? Does it follow the same rules as the Impulse wave?

Basic knowledge about Elliott – Impulse Wave

To become a professional trader with the Elliott wave, it is imperative that you know its basics. If you want to make a profit,...

Market sentiment of the Elliott wave

Besides understanding the theory of the Elliott wave, traders also need to learn the market sentiment at each wavelength.

What is the Elliott wave? How to trade with Elliott wave...

Elliott wave is a very important tool in the theoretical foundation of technical analysis. It helps traders see the market behavior with an extremely high accuracy rate.