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Safe capital management with Scaling Out strategy when trading Forex

Scaling Out strategy simply understands that when you win and make a profit, you will take part of the profit and let the rest continue to do its job.

5 Effective money management methods when trading in Olymp Trade

In this article, I will help you understand why you need to manage money and what effective methods of money management are.

The 2% Rule – The most effective risk management in Olymp...

The 2% rule is one of the most recommended risk management tools by professional traders. It will surely help you survive and make profits in the market.

3 Tips to manage money to overcome the difficult early stage...

Have you learned how to manage money to survive in the market? If you're suffering from a series of losses, this article will help you.

How to trade in Olymp Trade with Test Candlestick: Safe, simple...

In this article, I will show you how to trade with the method called "Test Candlestick".

Using Out Bands candlesticks method in Olymp Trade. Review entry points...

This is an article shared by a reader of Olymp Trade Club. This article just discusses the method, not attached any specific entry points or the amount of money. But because the author wants to share his own trading method to receive your reviews, so we still upload it.

How to trade at Olymp Trade with only Support/Resistance: Simple, safe...

The article includes detailed instructions as well as specific evidence about how to trade orders with Support/Resistance. I will start with rules, how to manage capital and finally how to trade. Because for me, this is the best way to approach if you want to make money at this trading channel.

Olymp Trade trading strategy with 2 Bollinger Bands

2 Bollinger Bands offer a lot of trading points. This is the sharings of reader Olymp Trade Club. We will give more details about this strategy before giving our own opinion.

How to recognize the price manipulation of Olymp Trade platform

Last weekend, on Easter holidays, the bookmaker of Olymp Trade has one session to collect traders' money on a large scale by manipulating price movements.

Olymp Trade strategy with W model: Simple and effective

In this article, we will explain about W model strategy as well as give the most in-depth evaluation about this strategy in Olymp Trade.