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Safe capital management with Scaling Out strategy when trading Forex

Scaling Out strategy simply understands that when you win and make a profit, you will take part of the profit and let the rest continue to do its job.

Olymp Trade trading strategy with 2 Bollinger Bands

2 Bollinger Bands offer a lot of trading points. This is the sharings of reader Olymp Trade Club. We will give more details about this strategy before giving our own opinion.

Method of trading T.L.S – The most effective way to play...

A method of trading called T.L.S with: T = trend ; L = levels; S = Signal. Ok! Just a few introduction lines. Let's start! A...

Olymp Trade strategy with W model: Simple and effective

In this article, we will explain about W model strategy as well as give the most in-depth evaluation about this strategy in Olymp Trade.

Capital management strategy in Olymp Trade? The importance of it in...

In this article, Olymp Trade Club will introduce some strategies of capital management in Olymp Trade. Then we will give some methods so that you can avoid being too emotional in trading.

Martingale Strategy, the most idiotic strategy when it comes to capital...

When trading, managing your money means managing your emotion. You cannot cut loss while trading. You only adjust the money that you invest in your orders so that you can secure your account number. One of the ways that you often hear about is Martingale. People often brag about it as Martingale strategy

The most important thing in Trading

95% of traders are those who lose their money on exchange markets. And how about the rest? How can the 5% of traders still earn money sustainably on the market?