Practice Trading In Olymp Trade: Earn $216 With The Strategy Using Trend + Signal

Practice Trading In Olymp Trade: Earn $216 With The Strategy Using Trend + Signal
Practice Trading In Olymp Trade: Earn $216 With The Strategy Using Trend + Signal

IThe first weeks of March are chaos days called “CORONA”. The global financial market is in a panic so trading in Olymp Trade now means suiciding. But when the panic is over and the market begins to calm down, this was the best time for trading. Stay away from the first days of the week when the market is still unstable. Then come back and look for opportunities when the fear is over.

This article reviews orders made in Olymp Trade on March 10th and 11th which brought $216 within 2 trading days.

How to use the T.S (Trend + Signal) strategy in Olymp Trade

In order to form an effective trading strategy, you must first gather a set of principles. After that, it is necessary to honor the discipline. My rule for opening orders consists of 4 principles including strategy (trend + signal), trading psychology and capital management.

The trend

Stable and unstable trends in Olymp Trade

(A) is called a stable trend when the price overcomes peak 1 and continues to create new peak 3. The price then bounces back to test the peak 4 which it has just passed – which is now the support zone. The price continues to surpass peak 3, creating a new peak 5 and then tests the recently crossed peak 6, which is called the support zone. If it continues this way, it is called a sustained uptrend.

Just like other natural things in life, if you want to go further or longer, you need to rest and recharge. It is the same in the financial market. The price has to recover to prepare for a further rebound. A stable trend gives us many opportunities to open orders safely.

(B) is a strong trend. The price goes in one direction extremely fast and creates peak 3. However, it takes no time to test the recently crossed peak 1. The price has not tested the old peak but hurriedly overcomes the new peak 3. Traders called this an unsustainable uptrend.
The price goes one way very strong and fast with no rest. This makes it easy to be exhausted soon.

A strong uptrend does not have a reasonable entry point and has a high probability of being exhausted leading to a trend reversal at any time. Do not trade when the market moves too fast in an unpredictable way.

The signal

Signals refer to many candlestick patterns and you can use these candlestick patterns effectively when the market is in a stable trend. The Pinbar candlestick is a special pattern when combined with the trend to give a good entry point. I am not the only one who likes this perfect combination, but experienced traders also use it.

Bullish Pinbars and Bearish Pinbars in Olymp Trade

Bearish Pinbar + downtrend:

In a strong bearish trend, a Bearish Pinbar candlestick appears, indicating that the sellers have overwhelmed. There is a high probability that the price will continue falling right after the Bearish Pinbar signal.

Bearish Pinbar in a downtrend

Bullish Pinbar + uptrend:

In a sustained uptrend, a Bullish Pinbar suddenly appears. This is the signal that the price will continue to rise in the near future.

Bullish Pinbar in an uptrend

The trading psychology

Do not take revenge on the market because the person who will suffer the most is yourself.
Do not go against the trend. Open only UP when the market is in an uptrend and vice versa.

Do not open too many orders at once for any reason. Don’t justify your mistakes. Because even when you see a good trade, if the winning rate is 90%, there is still a 10% chance of losing. This is a game of probability, respect the rules.

Do not open an order without enough conditions. It is better to ignore the opportunity than to lose money.

Remember that there are opportunities in any financial asset. The important thing is that when the opportunity comes, do you still have enough money?

The financial market has countless opportunities to make money, but the balance in your account is limited. Sometimes, letting risky opportunities pass is also a way to protect your account.

Trading psychology with the T.S strategy in Olymp Trade

The method of capital management

Open equal orders with $50 each.

Open a maximum of 5 orders per day.

With this capital management method, in order to bring you some profit, you just need a trading strategy with a winning rate of over 60%.

Classic capital management method in Olymp Trade

Review on opened orders in Olymp Trade on March 10, 2020

1st: Within the bearish trend, a Pinbar candlestick with a long upper shadow appeared in the resistance zone. Opened a DOWN as soon as the Pinbar candlestick was formed.

2nd: In the bearish trend, the price broke through the support zone and formed a Break Out. The price then bounced back to test the resistance zone which had just been created. Opened a DOWN right after the test candlestick closed at the level.

3rd: The trend continued to be down but there was resistance from the sellers which was showed by the long lower tail of the candlestick. However, when the candlestick closed, the sellers still controlled the situation, right above which was the resistance zone. This is a test candle of the levels it has just passed. Opened a DOWN right after the red candlestick closed.

4th: The price bounced back to test the resistance zone the second time. The possibility of the price to continue to fall was quite high when it left an upper tail at the level. Opened a DOWN right after the test candlestick was verified.

5th: At the end of order 4, the Evening Star candlestick pattern in a downtrend appeared. Opened a DOWN as soon as the pattern was formed.

Review on opened orders in Olymp Trade on March 10, 2020

Review on opened orders in Olymp Trade on 3/11/2020

1st: A bullish trend was recovering and creating a standard Pullback candlestick. Opened an UP safely when a recovery candlestick pattern formed.

2nd: The price went back to test the old peak just passed which was now a support zone in an uptrend. Open an UP right after the test candlestick closed at the support zone.

3rd: The uptrend continued and the Pinbar candlestick, with long lower shadow touching the support zone, went on to appear. Open an UP right after the candlestick was over. Expected the price to continue rising within the following candle.

4th: The price continued to rise steadily. The Doji candlestick with a long lower tail touching the support zone appeared. This represented a price rejection right there Open an UP right after the Doji candlestick closed.

5th: The market was in an uptrend. A Pinbar candlestick with a quite long lower shadow tested the support zone. It was quite safe when opening a UP as soon as the Pinbar candle closed.

Review on opened orders in Olymp Trade on 3/11/2020

Before sharing this article, I placed a withdrawal order on the morning of March 14, 2020. And when I am typing each and every word, the money has come into my account. This includes my capital ($250) and the profit for this week.

Successful withdrawal order in Olymp Trade

On weekends, I’ll treat myself with a delicious breakfast. Afterward, I will come to the bar to enjoy a cup of coffee with a familiar taste to relax on the weekend after long days of work. With the remaining money, I can save to buy some expensive jewelry.


Have you ever found the incomplete parts of the trading strategy created by yourself? Do you understand your strategy well enough? If the market is going up or down, how do you apply it? And what if it is in sideways? What if you lose in orders with a high probability?

Try to answer these questions. If you can answer these questions clearly and logically, let me congratulate you that you are now on the path of successful traders.

Never invest money in your account. Invest in yourself to improve your own thinking. Create your own path on the trading path in Olymp Trade.

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Practice Trading In Olymp Trade: Earn $216 With The Strategy Using Trend + Signal
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