Start the plan to make profits in 2022 on Olymp Trade

Start the plan to make profits in 2022 on Olymp Trade
Start the plan to make profits in 2022 on Olymp Trade

2021 is a difficult year for traditional businesses such as services, airlines, and transportation. The Covid-19 pandemic is very complicated, which causes a sharp increase in the inflation rate and affects the lives of many people. However, online financial investment jobs are fine, typically me who make profits by investing in Olymp Trade. Sound simple, right? But it is very difficult. This job is only for those who are passionate about making money by trading.

Instead of writing down in my diary and keeping it to myself, I share all my trading processes on this blog. Hope this helps you to improve your trading skills day by day.

Daily, weekly, and monthly earning goals in Olymp Trade

After having spent the first holiday of the calendar year, I started to return to work (investing Fixed Time Trade and Forex) like every day. When logging into my Olymp Trade account, things still didn’t seem to be back to normal when my favorite currency pairs had too low payout ratios to be traded.

Portfolio of investment properties in Olymp Trade
Portfolio of investment properties in Olymp Trade

Well, while sitting around doing nothing, I thought “Is it better to list trading goals in this year?”. So with the amount of $5,000, my plan is as follows.

– Every day, if I earn 3% of $5,000, equivalent to $300, I will stop trading.

– Profit target of the week is 12%, about $600 from the total capital of $5,000.

– If achieving 40% profit for the month, it’s very great. I will reward myself by taking the rest of the month off from trading to participate in stress-relieving recreational activities.

Above is the profit target to be achieved. It would be remiss not to have a hedging plan when things don’t go as expected.

– Each day I can only lose up to 10% by 5 orders. Each order is 2% of the total capital.

– If I lose 25-30%, I will take a week off from trading to avoid negative sentiments.

Long-term plan to make profits in Olymp Trade

If you are serious about trading, then it is imperative to have a long-term strategy. Don’t use the money in your account easily just because of temporary winning and losing emotions. There must be a clear division of each stage as follows.

– Building trading strategies.

– Check the effectiveness of the strategies you are using.

– Establish appropriate money management methods.

– Create your own set of rules to avoid negative sentiments when trading.

Long-term plan to make profits in Olymp Trade

It takes a lot of time and money to go through the above stages. You need to work hard to overcome those difficult periods to make profits in Olymp Trade. If you don’t have a clear direction, you will be lost with no way out, falling into an emotional vortex that sweeps away the small amount in your account.

Last words

It’s easy to say but very hard to do. There are plenty of good things that I want to share with you this year. So a few lines to let you know I am ready to trade in Olymp Trade with a long-term vision, not just one or two days. I already shared a lot of favorite strategies and methods on this blog. If you need a strategy that suits your trading style, go to the Strategies section.

Next time, I will fully record the trading process in Olymp Trade each day and summarize after a week. It’s my experience and the lessons I learn through my trading orders. Goodbye and see you in the next article with a smooth start.

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Start the plan to make profits in 2022 on Olymp Trade
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