How to use the risk-free trade to earn money at Olymp Trade

How to use the risk-free trade to earn money at Olymp Trade
How to use the risk-free trade to earn money at Olymp Trade

Many people upgrade to VIP accounts but don’t know how to use the risk-free trade of Olymp Trade. In this article, I will guide you in detail how to use these trades to achieve the highest efficiency.

Note: This is an account borrowed from a VIP in Vietnam. Because when charging $10,000, you will receive 5 risk-free trades. Each trade has $100. This article will talk about tricks to make money from the bookmaker Olymp Trade.

Some conditions for using a risk-free trade at Olymp Trade

Your account is granted a risk-free trade when your Money tab has a shield icon. Notice, if someone showed you the picture of his risk-free trades but that account didn’t have the shield icon, he could be a scammer. Be careful.

Olymp Trade VIP account

When you want to use a risk-free trade, you must activate this shield. And your original account must have more balance than the risk-free trade amount. If you charge $10,000 then withdraw and ask for a risk-free trade, it is not possible.

Finally, if you want to recharge to become VIP, make sure your account has been verified. See details of this article: How to deposit and withdraw from Olymp Trade to your bank account (from A – Z).

Two ways to use the risk-free trade at Olymp Trade

1st Method: Recharge for VIP and only use “risk-free” trade to make money from the trading platform Olymp Trade.

Make a deposit. Get risk-free trades. Activate them and use right away. Whether win or lose, you withdraw money and sign out of your account.

For example: Charge $10,000. You are given $100 for 5 risk-free trades. Use them immediately. If lose – skip. If win – use the interest money you’ve just earned to open the next orders (use the interest money to open orders).

How to use a risk-free trade at Olymp Trade

This is a style called “Use nothing to catch something”. If lucky, you could win 3 consecutive orders from risk-free trades. If lose, you only lose the free money the platform gave you. Your capital is not affected at all.

2nd Method: Use the reverse way of trade to make money from Olymp Trade

The idea of ​​this method: You choose a fixed expiration time. Then at the same time, open 2 reverse orders. The 1st is UP and the 2nd one is DOWN. In the same expiration time, it is impossible to have two different results.

Specific examples:

In the same expiration time at 11:25 am, I open the 1st with $60. Then activate the risk-free trade for the 2nd using $100. The result is the 1st wins and the 2nd loses. Of course, my account is profitable. Conversely, if I lose the 1st and win the 2nd one, I still win because the money of my risk-free trade is higher than the amount of capital I spend.

Use the reverse way of trade to make money from Olymp Trade

Notice: If you use only one account, you must wait when the market is slow or the currency pairs aren’t volatile much to open orders this way. Because the 2nd will be delayed by 2s with the 1st one, if the price has strong fluctuations, the chance that you may lose is very high.

Otherwise, sign up 2 different accounts.  Open the 1st in the 1st account. Open the risk-free trade in the 2nd account.


Apart from two methods above, I can’t think of any more ways to earn money from Olymp Trade with higher chances of winning.

The purpose of risk-free trades is probably to encourage you to become a VIP and lure you to burn more money. I have seen many people using these trades with the thought of “losing is no problem”. And maybe with the bookmaker, they just need you to think like that.

Thank you for reading the article. If you have another way to use risk-free trades at Olymp Trade. Please share! We will learn together. Love!

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How to use the risk-free trade to earn money at Olymp Trade
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