1. How one know if he wins or loses? What will one do if candle exceeds upper or lower limit? eg should one click anything?

  2. Please does it means that we should not trade for the rest of the day after news and what time does the news usually come.

  3. I have tried Olympic for 3 days. And I’ve lost $ 100. After I read your review in this article, I was interested to trying again, with $ 15 + $ 5 (bonus). Please pray for me, I really lost a lot. This time, I will follow your method, only $ 15 / day, and stop for next day.

  4. Hi. I am not getting Bollinger Bands in indicator option. Only SMA, parabolic, rsi, stochastic and MACD are there. Please suggest alternate.

  5. Please I’m making use of my phone and there is nothing like Bollinger bands….is it only on laptops that you can find that?

  6. Good morning sir/ma, pls how can I deposit through MasterCard to fund account in olymp platform. Tell me the process. Thanks.

  7. After reading your lesson carefully I have achieved a breakthrough in my trading experience with outside candle stick strategy. It really works so well. Since I have learnt to use it at 00 seconds- it is very crucial – of course it is marvelous. Once I have practised with my demo I will use your code for sure. Thanks a bunch for saving my life.
    Shiva Kadireson

  8. it is almost all trade markets from east to west but olymp trading interface ……EUROPE COMPOSITE TRADIING … AND the more than 9000 peoples are on line….i am beginner and want to know is the trading on theinterface is real……2nd can a beginner trade FFT instead of what u mentioned in the artical……..thanks


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