How to make money in Olymp Trade: Trend is all you need

How to make money in Olymp Trade: Trend is all you need
How to make money in Olymp Trade: Trend is all you need

From today, I start a series of articles about how to make money in Olymp Trade. All orders will be reviewed. And I will explain in detail why I open them. At the same time, I share my experiences in each of my posts.

Commitment: I don’t open trading classes or accept investment trust. This is a series of pure sharing posts.

Olymp Trade trading method

– Japanese 5-minute candlestick chart. The expiration time is 5 minutes. Trade following the colors of candlesticks.

– Olymp Trade trading method: T.S (Trend + Signal) – Trend is a must-have element.

Olymp Trade trading method

– 3 main currency pairs: AUD/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/USD.

– Capital $250, each order $50. Maximum 5 orders/day.

Before sharing about specific strategies, I will review each entry point first. It’s to help you easily imagine how to trade in Olymp Trade.

Entry points in Olymp Trade

These are the icons you will see in the picture

Icon in Olymp Trade

Lamp icon is a signal.

Red downward arrow is a bearish (bet the next candlestick red).

Green upward arrow is a bullish (bet the next candlestick green).

Five orders on November 25

Review Olymp Trade on November 25

4 wins – 1 lose.

Downtrend = open DOWN. All you need to do is to look for trading signals.

The trading signals here are the continuation candlestick patterns.

Trading signals in Olymp Trade

– 1st: Pullback candlestick was in Downtrend => opened a DOWN (bet the next red candlestick) => WIN.

– 2nd: Evening Star candlestick reversal pattern was in the resistance zone. This was a reversal candlestick pattern from uptrend to downtrend. But it appeared in the downtrend => The trend would continue => opened a DOWN (bet the next red candlestick) => LOSE.

– 3rd: Pin bar was in the resistance level and downtrend => opened a DOWN => WIN.

– 4 + 5: Reversal candlestick pattern in the resistance zone of ​​the Downward trend => opened a DOWN  => WIN.

Five orders on November 26

Review Olymp Trade on November 26

3 win – 2 lose. Five orders a day only earn $5.

Uptrend = open UP. Entry signals are the uptrend continuation candlestick pattern.

Trading signals in Olymp Trade

1st: Doji candlestick was in the support zone and uptrend => opened an UP (bet the next green candlestick) => LOSE.

2 + 3: In an uptrend, the price tested the support level it has just passed. It also created candlesticks with their bodies pointing upward and quite long tails => opened an UP ( bet the next candlestick green) => WIN.

4th: Test candlestick. The price tended to increase. The candlestick retested the support level => UP => LOSE.

5th: Bullish Engulfing candlestick pattern was in the uptrend => UP => WIN.

Five orders on November 27

Review Olymp Trade on November 27

3 win – 1 lose – 1 draw

Downward trend = open DOWN. Trading signals are retracement candlesticks in a downtrend.

Trading signals in Olymp Trade

1st: Pullback was in a downtrend => DOWN => WIN.

2nd: Doji was in the resistance zone in a downward trend => DOWN => although the next candlestick was red, it was break even.

3rd: Retracement candlestick – the price touched the resistance level in a downtrend => It created a candlestick with the body pointing downward and the tail pointing upward) => DOWN => WIN.

4th: Pin Bar + resistance => DOWN => LOSE.

5th: A retracement candlestick => DOWN => WIN.

How to trade with T.S (Trend + Signal) in Olymp Trade

Many articles in the Olymp Trade monetization series will follow this way. Reason for opening an order: 1st is trend and 2nd is signals.

Trend is the first thing you have to identify

Observing with your eyes naturally. You will know whether the trend is rising or falling in the market.

(i) The price goes down dramatically => Downtrend => Waiting for a signal to open Down. Conversely, the price goes up quickly => Uptrend => Wait for signals to open Up.

(ii) The price makes ladders. The next bottom is higher than the previous one. The next top is higher than the previous one => Uptrend => Only buy UP.

On the contrary, the next bottom is lower than the previous one. The next top is lower than the previous top => Downtrend => only buy Down.

(iii) Unclear trend => Take a rest.

Experience: Be focused when the price breaks one level. If it breaks a resistance level and goes up => the trend tends to move upward. If it breaks support and moves down => Downtrend.

Signal to open orders in Olymp Trade

I usually focus on candlesticks and candlestick patterns. For example:

(i) Candlesticks – You will often come across retracement candlesticks like these in an Uptrend. Right after this signal, you can open a bullish (bet the next green candlestick).

(ii) Retracement candlestick pattern in the trend. It can be understood as a continuation candlestick pattern. It means that Downward trend + bearish pattern = open DOWN (bet red candlesticks).

It’s enough for today. The series is still long. I will continue to show some familiar and recognizable Signal.

Ok, that’s all. I will end here. I hope you guys remember T.S (trend + signal). It’s always the trend because capturing the trend will increase your ability to focus. Uptrend = bullish. Downtrend = bearish.

Identifying trends means that you only need to click one button. Either it is UP or DOWN. The remaining issue is the signal, especially the retracement candlesticks in a clear trend.

P/s: The images in this article may be flawed. But in the next article, I will invest more in images.

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How to make money in Olymp Trade: Trend is all you need
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