Fixed Time Trade trading plan in Olymp Trade for 2021

Fixed Time Trade trading plan in Olymp Trade for 2021
Fixed Time Trade trading plan in Olymp Trade for 2021

2020 may be a financially difficult year for most people when affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. When bad things pass, opportunities will come to you again. If you want the year 2021 to no longer have financial headaches, start now. Make a plan to trade Fixed Time in Olymp Trade to earn another source of income. That will partly reduce the financial stress in your life.

If you don’t know where to start your plan, see mine. Copy it to become an investor making money in Olymp Trade. As proof, I have had a so-called successful year. You can refer to the article: Year-end summary when trading in Olymp Trade.

We never show big wins but only prove that at that moment, we made money from Olymp Trade. The purpose is financial education to give you an overview of Fixed Time transactions. Never be a slave to money again. Know how to get it to build the empire you want.

Now let’s start working on a concrete plan.

How much capital is enough to trade Fixed Time in Olymp Trade?

How much capital is enough to trade in Olymp Trade?
How much capital is enough to trade in Olymp Trade?

That is the first question that everyone who is preparing to enter the financial transaction path. And to answer it is not easy at all. The same goes for me.

When I started making money trading Fixed Time, I struggled like everyone else. There are many things to prepare and the most important issue is still capital. I consider it as the body’s blood. Without it, the body can hardly function well and without it, the plans cannot be carried out on schedule (also in this Blog, I have shared many capital management methods and recommended learning how to manage money well).

To start trading, we do not necessarily have to hold tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dong in our capital. Just a meager $100 of capital can also help you earn an income every day. Although it is not too much, it makes you comfortable enough to pay small fees. Do not spend large amounts of money when your actual combat experience is not enough. Especially, do not borrow to invest because it easily puts you under pressure to pay interest.

No matter how much it is, $100, $200, or $500, etc is also okay. However, it should be the idle money you do not use and want to invest to make a profit. Only then, you will have a comfortable mentality that makes your investment a little easier.

Orientation plan for the Fixed Time trading path in 2021

Orientation plan for the Fixed Time trading path in 2021

A lot of traders want to make money and be successful in Olymp Trade. However, very few people know how to plan to get what they need. Many people always say that they will become people with a lot of money, but then they shy away and wait for luck. In my opinion, they are just cowards who will die on the fierce trading battlefield.

Out of 20 people who were asked “Do you want to make money at Olymp Trade?”, only 18 responded immediately: “Yes, sure! Who doesn’t like it ?”. Who doesn’t like to make money online, especially to be the few who make money in such a risky market? But when they were asked again “What do you have to do to make a profit?”, only 2 out of 20 came up with their own plans. The rest just smile evasively instead of providing a long-term trading strategy.

I see a lot of people spend money on courses to make money in the financial markets. However, you should remember that it’s not for sure that you will make money by finishing the course. They just show us how successful people do it. From there, it helps you orient your trading path to be effective.

Regarding successful people in Olymp Trade, they always have a specific trading plan. They always act to find their own path to realize their dreams. And if you think that the time is not yet, it means you are denying your chance to make money.

Who says it is not difficult to plan to make long-term money in Olymp Trade

Plan for making long-term by Fixed Time Trade in Olymp Trade
Plan for making long-term by Fixed Time Trade in Olymp Trade

There are many investors around the world who are struggling to make money and getting rich. They fail and sometimes go empty-handed. Many traders don’t have a good night’s sleep, and sometimes, they almost go crazy. So, who says making money in Olymp Trade is not difficult.

I struggled a lot when writing these words. Even just the name made me think a lot. How should I name to express my intention and to avoid misunderstanding? I am writing this article because I have heard many people say and preach that making money in Olymp Trade is not difficult.

If considering the idea of “making money is not difficult in Olymp Trade” as an encouragement and a way for those who want to get rich not to be discouraged, I completely agree. It is necessary to encourage new traders to have more confidence in their investment decisions. As for being rich, really rich, I don’t find it easy at all. It’s even difficult.

The story of losing everything on my early trading days

Losing everything in the early days of trading Fixed Time Trade

Making profits in Olymp Trade is easy for someone to think, but not really. Traders have to calculate and analyze all kinds of things. The risks must be taken into account. They have to plan their transaction in detail. They should have an overall mindset. Money must be managed. At that time, no one shared anything like the way I am now doing with this blog. If so, I would have probably shortened a few years to avoid learning by myself.

A memory I will never forget in my life is that I have witnessed a sorrowful feeling: Losing $5,000 while my total asset was only $4,000. I almost lost my memory and went insane. I was frustrated and felt extremely depressed, lonely, and helpless. And then, I understood the meaning of these two sacred words: Loneliness and helplessness. The amount of the loss was too great. It was way too big for an office worker at that time.

I also learned a lesson that is mindset is the most important. I started from scratch and focused on knowledge, not luck. Use principles as the mainstay so that I would not go in the wrong direction anymore.

Recover the lost money with a specific Fixed Time trading plan plus patience

Patiently recover the lost money with a specific Fixed Time Trade plan 
Patiently recover the lost money with a specific Fixed Time Trade plan 

I will never forget that I have left my bunch of money intact, full serial, in a transparent plastic bag just to watch. I watched for a long time and slept with this bunch of money ($5,000) for the whole night.

These are rare moments of joy that I have for the first time. Later, those feelings no longer exist. Or rather I would say that it is not as much as a part of the memorable day when I regained the money I lost initially.

To have the excitation of recovering the lost money, I had persisted for 2 years. This is a price to pay for instant (really hefty) out of control. The money I make now is greatly appreciated by me because they are my effort. I can’t put it in stupidly high-risk places like before.

Those who have experienced a sense of loss can value money. If you are only trading Fixed Time Trade for the first time, I am sure you do not keep them carefully. Only until you lose everything, you will realize that money gives you the opportunity, and if you run out of money, it’s over. This is also advice for those who love to go all-in. You are not as lucky as you think.

Make a plan to keep your money by recording a trading diary carefully

If you want to check whether your trading plan in Olymp Trade is on the right track, a trading diary will help you track the progress of your progress in detail. It statistics the rate of profit and loss in each week, month, year to help you recognize unusual things to timely adjust.

Don’t be lazy and abandon it after the first few months. It determines whether you will be successful or not. It is necessary to closely monitor your daily progress. By doing that, you can step quickly to the destination of success.

Make a plan to keep your money by recording a trading diary carefully

When there is a profit, do not spend wastefully on nameless pleasures. Spend about 40% of the profits earned from Olymp Trade to reinvest. A larger sum of money will inevitably generate more profits. Please record the amounts in the most detailed way to minimize costs and maximize profits.

To sum up

That is the plan to help me become a Fixed Time Trade trader who makes money in Olymp Trade. And if you want to earn, you must have capital -> make a trading plan (building trading system) -> monitor the progress closely.

Do not think that just investing money with a little knowledge will earn a passive income. You need to try harder in your journey. Don’t give it up just because you stumble a few times. Try to be the few who are successful. I wish you to reap much success at the beginning of 2021.

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Fixed Time Trade trading plan in Olymp Trade for 2021
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