Earn over $400 within 1 hour using price pattern in Olymp Trade

Earn over $400 within 1 hour using price pattern in Olymp Trade
Earn over $400 within 1 hour using price pattern in Olymp Trade

Traders often question the effectiveness of applying the price pattern in Fixed Time Trade. Because these patterns are studied and applied by experts, they must be effective. If not, the entry time may not be the safest, or some conditions may be missing.

This article will introduce you to a Forex price pattern that is applied to the Fixed Time Trade to earn more than $400 within 1 hour.

Is the price pattern applicable to Fixed Time Trade effective?

According to research, market movements are the psychological movements of the crowd. The price pattern is also drawn from past statistics and used to predict the future of the market.

Fixed Time Trade

This is a type of prediction of the fluctuations (increase/decrease) in the value of future underlying assets such as currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Fixed Time Trading with price pattern
Fixed Time Trading


  • Transactions take place in a short time, varying from 1 minute to 23 hours.
  • The time is fixed.
  • The profit rates range from 80-95% depending on platforms.
  • It allows us to open up to 30 consecutive orders on 1 candle.

Thus, it can be seen that the profit in Fixed Time trading is very high. You can multiply your balance multiple times in a short time. This is the point that most traders prefer.


  • Profit rate changes according to the adjustment of the platform.
  • Transactions are in a short time.

Be cautious in Fixed Time trading because the short trading time can make your emotions explode.


Forex trading, aka currency trading or FX trading, involves trading currencies and speculating on currency price movements over a certain period of time. Traders buy or sell one currency against another one. As a trader, you will benefit from the fluctuations between a pair of exchange rates. You predict the value of a currency.

For example, the euro, whether it goes up or down in relation to another currency such as the US dollar.

Forex trading with price pattern
Forex trading


  • The time is not fixed.
  • The leverage is high which ranges from X5 to X1000 depending on the platform. It makes your profits increase faster.
  • You can hold an order for as long as your capability is enough.
  • You may know the amount of losses or profits before opening an order.


  • The transaction time is long.
  • If you forget to set a stop-loss, you may clear all your balance.
  • There are many types of fees charged by the platform such as commissions, spreads, overnight charges, etc.

In essence, FFT and Forex are the same. In fact, traders lose much more money on Forex compared to FTT.

Recommendation: In order to trade effectively on Forex or FTT, you need to master technical analysis. At the same time, you must have an effective trading strategy for yourself with objective statistics.

Making money is a long-term plan that needs everything perfectly prepared.

How can a coffee break give you the chance to earn more than $400?

Like many others, I also have friends who work in the financial industry. Some of them are also true traders when their main jobs are over. Usually, during the after-hours of the first day of the week, we gather for a coffee break to discuss good opportunities within the week.

Coffee with friends

A Forex trading guy taunted a dwarf who withdraws regularly from the Olymp Trade every month.

The taunter: The bullshit ups and downs that you guys are “playing”, aka Fixed Time Trade, is pretty easy.

The victim: F*** you! If it’s easy, dare to bet if you can earn money with that, don’t you? How many times have you gone off-shore in Forex, my Little Puppy?

He challenged to pay 25% more for the amount that the taunter won in the FTT.

The classic pattern in Forex

With those taunting words of kids, they start burning money or making real money. And by the way, they traded right on my account for convenience.

They used the familiar long-term trading style combined with the double top price pattern. Everyone was looking forward to the result after opening a DOWN order of $500 with an expiration time of 1 hour.

Classic price patterns

In general, forex and FTT trading are not much different, except for the time. Basically, the price pattern or candlestick pattern both bring extremely accurate predictions. The entry time also plays an important part in raising the win rate significantly.

Trading results with the double top pattern - price patterns
Trading results with the double top pattern

Many people email me asking for evidence of making money

I would like to say frankly that it does not matter to me. My focus here is to share the knowledge that is largely from the transaction process. If you can read and understand the whole process, then you can guess how much profit I earned.

A few pictures of withdrawals or large withdrawals can award you a successful trader. Why is the success formula so simple for everyone? No, it’s not like that in my hometown. We need the process of making money.

Show off with bad intentions

Notes: Build your own strategy called the “holy grail”, and make money from Olymp Trade. Do not look at the profits of others, you will be “really dead”. This is my most sincere and honest advice. The decision is all yours.

One last word

The shit taunt between the FTT and Forex kiddoes may partly help you understand something. It also somewhat describes the similarities of two popular types of online money-making transactions. And what you need is to understand your strength to choose the right type of transaction.

Whether your money can multiple or not comes from your mind. There is no master to help you make money for free. There are always conditions bound. Only here, the knowledge is free. I work for a passion. So feel free to acquire knowledge without paying any kind of fee.

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Earn over $400 within 1 hour using price pattern in Olymp Trade
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